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Leslie McKerchie

Hi David and Ole,

I just took a look at this and I'm curious if your Storyline content was published using the latest update, or perhaps this was content you uploaded prior to Update 13.

My new course looks good in Rise and I'm not seeing the double play button/extra image. Take a look here and let me know what you see in your newly published version.

David Tait

Hi Leslie,

I'm still running a version behind the latest update so that may well be the issue.

I have a few modules in production at the minute and am slightly nervous about updating SL until they're all complete but I'll be sure to test this as soon as I do update.

Thanks for looking in to this.

Ole Djurhuus

Hi Leslie and David

I'm running v. 3.13.14869

I still see a problem. In tablet view it's fine, but in mobile view I see a play button, but it doesn't work. 

Review link: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/433295fa-9714-404c-aeb0-70a0d844b97a/review

Regards Ole