Preserving Storyline object states in Rise when revisiting course

Hi all - is it possible for Rise to preserve object states in a Storyline block when the learner revisits the Rise course?

A client is evaluating allowing us to use Rise for developing e-learning. They require that learners mark the course complete but want to prevent learners from marking complete again if they review the course. Easy enough in Storyline, of course.

I was hoping that by building a Storyline "Mark Complete" slide with its Slide Properties set to "Resume saved state" for revisits, Rise would honor the property when learners review the Rise course. That doesn't seem to be the case, though - testing has shown that the objects in the Storyline block (which is used to track completion of the course on the LMS) revert to their original states when the course is revisited. I've attached screenshots of the Storyline block before the learner clicks (the button is Normal state), and one after the learner clicks (the button is Disabled state, and other elements' states have been changed to Hidden or Normal).

Any ideas out there? Thanks!

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