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Crystal Horn

Hello, Leslie! Are you using the URL you get when you preview your course, or are you using the Share link? The preview URL won't work for anyone but you. What happens when your coworkers attempt to view the Share link?

You can also send us the link privately for testing, and we'll let you know what we see.

Mark Brown

It's a really bad set up they have. I am forever looking for my preview content. My links are not there and I have several modules loaded in preview I can't see or find, What really bugs me is If log in all the links are to products sales, but nothing of use to me as a user who has already purchased. No forum links  or link to preview to MY content , or registered products, or my activity - It's just buy me, buy me. This is  not community, just a flea market.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Mark! I'd love to help you find what you need. First, you mentioned you have "several modules loaded in preview." Did you use Rise 360 to create those modules? 

If so, go to rise.articulate.com to sign in, and you should see all of your Rise 360 courses there. Let me know if that's not what you're looking for! 

Kristoffer Kaisler

Hi there,

I'm trying to share my course with others using the preview link. When I click the link, however, it takes me to a blank page. Any suggestions?

Thank you,


Update: I tried opening the link in several different browsers (Chrome, Edge and IE) and the only one it works in is IE, which is odd because I've never had issues before with opening a preview link in Chrome.