Problem with Flashcard grid's size

first of all, well done for the new super feature of the Block entrance animation! this adds a very dynamic mood to every content.
But, unfortunately, and also unexpectedly I think, it has a negative influence on the behaviour of flashcards.
As an example, I am enclosing two screenshots from our course, where the two grid cards, in preview, are much smaller than what they are while editing the course. And this happens with a single card too.
Basically, they have the same (smaller) size as the cards in a grid of 3 or more. But we would like to have them as big as they used to be.
Trying to figure out the issue, my colleague found out that if you deselect the new option Block entrance animation, cards resize in Preview too, getting bigger.
I don’t know why this animation effect should be connected with the cards’ size, but this is what happens and I think that your dev team should know that.
Hoping you will find a solution enabling us to profit from the beautiful picture animation you newly introduced, we wait for a feedback.

P.S. we tried with different browsers and it was the same in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

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