Publish individual Rise lessons

I find it a bit strange that you can't build a Rise course with multiple lessons, and then when publishing, be able choose individual lessons (slides) or Sections (Scenes) like you can with Storyline.


Doing this within rise, duplicating to new courses is more laborious that in it should be, and may find it causes problems in our LMS tracking.


I've searched the boards and most recent on this is 3-4 years ago.   

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Drew K

Sure, We have a course that we are buildign in Rise as one large Rise course to keep thing more easily organized.   When we publish to our LMS we break it out in multiple objects within that course as it satisfies our needs for tracking and learner progress in ways a single Rise course cannot. So, we create a new RISE course an push the lesson(s) that belong and publish that to our LMS.    

If something needed to be updated, we'd go into the single RISE course, update the lesson(s) that needed changing, and then move those out to a new course to then publish for LMS and those objects would get replaced.

What would happen is a leaner who was in progress on that course, would now open that object and it wouldn't load.      Here's what our LMS provider reported back:

"At this time, it appears that the cause of the issue you've encountered is that when the course learning object was replaced for these courses, the new file structure was not compatible with the old file structure. That is to say, the resume or suspend data from the older version of the course cannot be read by the new version.

When third-party content like Tin Can or SCORM is used, there are bookmarks that exist within the code of the course file. These are saved in the LMS and are used to track a learner's progress so they can pick up where they left off in each attempt at accessing the content. When the file was replaced, the file structure of the new learning object was likely not a close enough match to that of the previous file. As a result, when the LMS tries to locate the bookmark for the learner's progress, and the course presents a blank page or does not load when launched."

I have never had this problem replacing objects built in RISE until I had to do it like this.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Drew, thanks so much for sharing some insight into how your team uses Rise 360.

For now, your best bet is to publish each lesson as a separate course. If you prefer to continue using one course for all lessons, you can select More settings and click the Reset Learner Progress option when you export your course. Then, when learners launch the newly updated course in your LMS, their progress will be reset, and they won't see a blank page.

If we make changes to the publishing structure in the future, we'll circle back to let you know!