Quiz issues in Rise 360


I have been using Rise 360 for a while now and I would develop more compliance programs in Rise 360 if the Knowledge Check and Quiz functions were improved.

My main issue is the lack of feedback functionality in Rise 360. I can use the toggle option to Reveal Answers or not, but this frustrates me as a developer and my learners. I would like to see the option to provide feedback to the learner if they have the question wrong but NOT show them the correct answer. 

I would also like to suggest changes to the Quiz lesson:

  • Reduce the size of the Results image and excessive white space so it is more user friendly for tablets and mobile devices.
  • Remove the Retake Quiz option from the Quiz Results screen if the learner has passed the quiz.

These issues may have been raised before but I am yet to see any action on fixing them.

I believe these issues are more important than providing a question bank that is in the Rise 360 road map.


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