Require Learner to Pass Quiz Before Continuing to Next Content Element

We have a quiz in the middle of a course. The course navigation mode is set to Restrictive. The quiz requires that the learner pass with a score of at least 80%. The learner can retry the quiz an unlimited number of times. However the learner can continue to the next content element by clicking on the link to the next content element at the bottom of the quiz results page even if they did not pass the quiz. How do we keep the learner from continuing until the pass the quiz? Tested this both by sharing in Articulate360 and exporting as SCORM 1.2 and loading to SCORM Cloud.  

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Jeffrey Levy

Unlike Storyline, not sure how have any control over a success/fail layer in Rise. We're using the stock Quiz lesson type. The quiz results page, equivalent to the success/fail layer, is automatically generated by Rise. While the learner is taking the quiz, the link to the next lesson is not displayed at the bottom of the page and locked (because of the 'Restrictive' navigation mode) in the lesson outline on the left. But as soon as the quiz result page is displayed - even if the learner failed the quiz - the link to the next lesson appears at the bottom of the page and  is unlocked in the outline on the left. Would have expected the next content link not to appear / stay locked until the learner passed the quiz.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeffrey,

This is the current design of Rise, allowing the user to advance upon finishing the quiz regardless of their score, but they should also see the "Take Again" button on the Quiz results slide so that they could try and improve their score. That's a setting you may enable from the Quiz settings within Rise to allow for anywhere from 1 to unlimited retries. 

So it is a bit different than what you're used to in Storyline, but if you'd like to see a way to lock down the user's navigation until the pass the quiz we'd be happy to know a bit more about your needs and have it documented in a feature request. 

Michael Hardin

I was able to create a workaround that I requires learners actually pass a Storyline quiz before continue in a Rise course:

First, I develop the Storyline quiz and on the results slide, I delete the "Submit results ___" trigger from the base layer and put it in the Success layer... this way, the results are only submitted if they pass.

Next, I publish the course to "Articulate 360" and set the "Tracking:" to the results slide.

Lastly, I add a Continue block below the Storyline block and set the "Completion Type" to "Complete Block Directly Above".

This way if they fail, they can continue to retry, but they cannot continue in Rise.  When they pass, the results are submitted and the Continue block in Rise becomes active.  They click Continue and go on with the course.