Rise 360 Accessibility Updates

We are excited to share our Rise 360 Accessibility Collection! 

In this collection, you'll find the Rise 360 Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT®) used to describe how Rise 360 conforms to WCAG 2.1 Level AA criteria.

You'll also find updates on our Accessibility Journey that includes details on screen reader support! 

Finally, we updated our roadmap to include Rise 360 features we’re continuing to develop to better support WCAG.

Please share your questions and experiences building accessible courses for all in the comments below!

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Liz Victoria

Request for Team Articulate:

As I was reading through the Rise accessibility-related pages on your site, I noticed that there are quite a few text contrast issues on the site itself.  I understand that muted/pastel colors have been part of the "look" of Articulate and its products for a long time, but I'm wondering if Articulate would consider rebranding/re-coloring your customer-facing website to meet WCAG standards? Particularly on pages discussing accessibility features (but on all pages, really). Thank you in advance for considering this request.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Claire! Great questions!

Yes, the screen reader will read the text of a Text on Image block.

Please note:

- The positioning of the text will affect the order if it's read first or last depending on if it's on the left or right of the image, respectively.

- Even with text content, the screen reader will still look for alt text for the image.

- If there are images in these blocks that don’t have alt text, screen readers ignore the tag and just announce them as images or read the file name. 

If you don't want them to be announced as just "Image" or the "filename", please provide alt text to describe the image properly.

Hope that helps!