Rise 360 or Storyline: How can learner include free text tags or list that later displays as comparison to something else?

I am working on a course where I display an image and have a text field available for the learner to use with the following text: "What words describe your impression of this image? Type your answers in the field below. (If you wish to link together several words in a phrase, use an underscore between the words rather than a space) For example, "she_has_brown_hair" will link these four words together.

The learner then has up to 45 seconds to list as many descriptions as they can before moving on to the next image and doing the same thing.

Later in the course, I want the learner to compare what they typed to a compilation list of common descriptions so the learner may compare their answers with the other list.

Is this possible to do in Rise 360? Would I need to do it as text variables in Storyline and insert it into Rise as a Storyline Block? Is this even possible using Articulate? The previous course was developed by someone who has since left our company and we cannot locate the original source file. Also, we think it was done using a different software program but we do not know what.

I've attached screenshots of the type of thing I'm trying to accomplish. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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