Rise course administrator not seeing Review links?

I am the owner of several courses that I'm working on, and I have assigned someone as Admin. They have published several courses to Review, but they can only see Review links for courses where they are the Owner, but not the courses where they are Admin. Does this sound out of the ordinary? We've never had this problem before.

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Robbie Collett

My team just discovered this issue. We were excited about the new Admin role because if the Owner went on PTO, an Admin could publish the course for Review in their absence. But since it creates a unique Review URL, any existing comments won't show up, and new links would have to be sent out to reviewers. 

When I add collaborators and admins in Rise, the course shows up in their Rise, it seems like it would be logical that if I published for Review, it would show up in the collaborators' and admins' Review as well. Is there a reason it's not like this?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robbie!

Right now, there isn't a way to share one course in two different Review 360 dashboards. If the course appeared in two dashboards, it would have two different URLs.

It sounds like you need a feature that would allow all collaborators to access the same course in their own Review 360 dashboard. We're tracking requests for this feature, so I'll add your vote!