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Karl Muller

Hi Monica,

Typically a LMS tracks two related yet different states:

  1. Course Completion
  2. Course Mastery

Note the wording used in your LMS may be different.

This means that a learner can complete an entire course, while failing to meet the mastery / passing criteria.

Using your example, the learner completed the course but failed to meet the mastery criteria, i.e. did not meet the  80% pass mark.

That circumstance still correctly counts as a course completion.

Monica Elliott

Thank you for your response Karl.  I completely understand what you are saying but I am looking for a way to make the course not show as complete until the viewer passes the quiz. As of now the LMS gives them a certificate of completion and we can't have that as it is a compliance course. Our LMS pulls completion from the scorm file and if I use Storyline it reports properly.