Rise: Default Font Size

In a course we are building, we are required to have a minimum font size of 18 for accessibility purposes.  Is there any way to set the default font size (not just default font)? What happens is even if we save templates with content at 18 pt, as soon as we paste (whether we use paste, paste special, or paste and match formatting) it always resorts to a 17 pt font.  This is very frustrating and can be time consuming for longer courses.  Any insight you can provide would be great! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erin. No updates right now. I hear the pain points that this is causing for you.

I realize we never addressed Leslie's question from a month ago:
If I change the default font size in any element, will it interfere with the way the course is displayed across devices?

Learners will see the larger fonts on their device screens if you make those changes. Since Rise content is fully responsive, your lesson content, including text, will reflow to fit the screen. I hope that helps!