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Jeff Forrer

Good day, nice job!  I do have a question about the Wellness - Stay Home or Go To the Vet drag and drop.  How did you get the three items aligned in a row as well as add the icons to the drop locations?  I don't see how to change the drop area images other than doing something in Storyline and bringing in as a Block. 

I checked this on my phone and it looks like that is what you did as it shows up with a play button, so must have been made in Storyline and brought over as the item below Alyssa is alluding to.

Hopefully those interactions in the future can be more customizable in Rise so we don't need Storyline as well :0)

Sarah Hodge

Thanks, Jeff! Yes, the Stay home or go to the vet activity is a Storyline block. To keep the consistency of look and feel, I created it to look and behave similarly to the built-in Rise drag and drop block. The tool seems to be quickly evolving. I’m excited to see what other features are added in the future.

Erin Walker

Hi Sarah! I love your rise example! I notice that you do not have the standard Lesson titles, however the Lesson title is still showing in the menu.

How were you able to replace the standard headers with the image and keep the Lesson title in the menu? 

Thank you for sharing, you definitely were able to showcase the pet-tential of Rise! 



Jeff Forrer

Thanks Sarah, nice job and appreciate the reply. 

Not sure if you saw my post today on bringing those blocks in, but I can't get rid of the corners and outline on the block. 

I set all the colors in the SL360 player to the same color including borders, bg  in advanced editing etc but still some of it does not change.  Did you run into this?  Yours does not have the corners my do, I was thinking maybe it is the built in SL template I was using.  Please see attachment.  Thx.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sarah, 

Looks like she replied to this post:

Karin, I just rolled over laughing from your comment! To create that gif wasn’t too far-fetched. I used Storyline to create it and Camtasia to record and export as a gif. You can also create gifs in PPT using a different method. I was thinking about doing a HOW-TO video to share the process.