Rise Export - Chrome blocking downloads today

Is anyone else seeing this behavior with Chrome when trying to export a file from Rise, Chrome now flags Rise exports as a dangerous file and blocks them?  It is blocked at the end of the download by Chrome.  I had shut off security protection in Chrome in order to be able to download my Rise course.  Yesterday it was fine, something must have changed with Chrome today?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Jeff! We were seeing the same problem earlier — you can read more about it on our status page here

Now, we're seeing file downloads from Rise 360 working normally in Chrome. Can you please exit that course to go back to your Rise 360 dashboard, and then try the export again? Let me know if you're still having trouble!

Colleen Fleming

I'm having this issue right now as well. Going out of the course and back in didn't fix anything. The workaround that seemed to work is changing the file extension of the attempted download in the Downloads folder to .zip and then it opened and appeared okay, but I'd prefer if downloading worked normally.