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I was asked to add a disclaimer to all of the lessons in a Rise course today, the standard 'Confidential: For internal use only' type.

I've manually added this as a text block to all of the lessons (except the quiz as it isn't possible) but it would be great if there was a footer that could be applied across the board that I could add the disclaimer to once and have it appear everywhere, including the quiz.

I'm interested to know if anyone else would benefit from having a footer in RISE?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David, Chet and Michael,

Cool idea! I'll share it with our Product team as a feature request, which you can also always share here!

I have seen a couple users mention a similar workaround as David shared, to use a text block or even a continue button at the bottom of each lesson (not the quiz or prebuilt lesson types). 

For the "Confidential" language - could you also look at putting that in the title? It may be a bit wordy, but if you're using the sidebar then it would display in the top corner throughout your course?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Wandajean, 

We'll keep you posted if this feature idea is added to Rise. In the meantime have you looked at using the "Continue" divider block? You could place that at the end of a group of blocks and use it as a footer? You'd have to add it to each group - but perhaps another method to play around with. 


Brian Bamberger

I have a client requiring this as well.  "Confidential and for internal use only not to be shared outside ...."   It seems silly and a waste of space but there is always a chance that someone takes something out of context and my client sees it as a way to further protect themselves.