Rise in iframe

Hi heroes!

We're using Rise in platform where it sits in an iframe (there's also social discussion on the screen). In Chrome, the side bar stay open, and the content is resized to the rest of the iframe fine.

In Edge and Firefox, the side bar closes. If I open the side bar, the content does not fit (video cut off, for example). 

The actual pixel size of the screens are identical. 

Do you know how to fix this? I like the Chrome behavior, sidebar open, content responsive. (I'd be happy to take any runtime workarounds as well using jQuery as we add extra stuff after export such sending and reading custom xAPI statements to and from the LRS anyway.)  

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Zsolt Olah

Ashley, problem solved. Turns out browsers do not display the exact same content with the exact same pixel, and the iframe that had the Rise content was right at the border of "collapse or not collapse"... I believe it's around 950 pixels.

So, while Chrome had enough space, Firefox and Edge did not. Weird.