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Michelle Kearns

You are not at all lazy!!! I'd like the same thing. My wonderful reviewers provide me with information such as..."In Lesson 14, could you please _______." Sometimes I can actually seen the screen capture and easily know which page to edit but other times I'm unable to so I have to do the same as you...count the titles in the table of contents to find the specific page they are referring to.

It would be very helpful to me as well.


Michelle Kearns

Hello Michael,

Thanks for asking. I am using Review and it is a life saver! I do wish to change my comments above as I no longer need to count lessons when the SME uses Review. It's only when the reviewer/SME decides to send me an email (instead of using Review for whatever reason) and refers to "Lesson # (and doesn't include the title)" that I have to figure out which lesson she is referring to.

Perhaps I need to do a better job of ensuring that the SME sticks to using Review (or includes the lesson title in her emails)!

Michael Fimian

Controlling SMEs is a oxymoron, Michelle.  You can hope for the best, but assume the worse!

I'm working on a project w 157 lessons. and I'm finding that using the browsers search function to be a godsend. If I know of a word I'm looking for in a title, I can do a CTRL-F, type the word, and let the browser move down the stack...

The only thing better would be a built-in search function for the work...  (Hint hint articulate...)   :-)

THen, we'd be able to search in the lessons as well.