Rise layout inconsistencies

Hi all. I'm enjoying the flexibility of Rise and for the most part have been okay trading off design control for ease of use. Given the lack of design control, the hard-coded elements that are in place should be consistent but I'm finding some are not. Take a look at the attached picture. When using Blocks you don't get to enter a description below the title bar at the top of the page and there are no padding controls to reduce the gap between the progress bar and first block. Other pre-built lessons display differently. It would be good for all (except process & quiz) to have a consistent top of page appearance that includes the optional description line below the title bar, shrinking that space if not used, allowing activities/blocks to be flush against the progress bar when top padding is 0 and enabling all activities to have padding controls (some currently do not have any padding control). 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Stephanie for the annotated document - that's especially helpful. I know that we've got a feature on the roadmap to be able to further customize the padding and margins within blocks but the ETA on that feature isn't set yet. I'm going to share this document with the team so that they've got a good sense of what types of changes folks are looking for - thanks!