Rise: Restart Quiz

I created a course with a button block and want to configure the button to take the learn back to a quiz block.  However, when the button is clicked, the learner's (previous) score is display, instead of the first question in the quiz.

  • The learner doesn't need a passing score to move on.
  • The learner doesn't immediately need to "try again."

I simply want the learner to have the option to re-take the quiz before leaving the course.

How can I accomplish that and restart the quiz from the beginning?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Michael,

A quiz lesson will always resume from the results page. Instead, you can try this setup:

  • duplicate your quiz, and use the duplicate as the last item in the course
  • create a button stack in the last lesson that has buttons to "retake quiz" or "exit course"
  • in the course navigation settings, set the sidebar to closed. It will still be there for learners to open, but it will be less obvious that the "retake quiz" button is going to a different quiz rather than the original

If you are tracking the course by the lessons completed, exclude the last quiz from your completed lessons since it will be optional. I hope that helps!