Rise scenario characters with visible disabilities


I create Rise learning for support/care workers in the disability sector. I was wondering if you can include one or two Rise scenario characters with visible disabilities.

You could at least give options to add a wheelchair, walking stick or cane to an existing scenario character. This will help greatly in the meantime.

Thank you!

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Ephraim Ross

Adding my vote here for this functionality as well. Please add more variety to your avatars from an accessibility perspective. A wheelchair/walker/cane etc. option would be GREAT. Understand that this may be impossible to add for current photo avatars, but please do include for any future avatars. You could also add these options in for the more cartoon/animated avatars now.

Ephraim Ross

We develop a lot of training for medical providers on how to help patients with mobility issues, so being able to actually have them interact with scenarios including patients IN a wheelchair, as an example, would be really helpful. It's not realistic for everyone to be standing in these contexts.