Rise, Storyline, and Cornerstone LMS Users - please help

Hi fellow users of Rise, Storyline, and Cornerstone LMS. I am new to both and I am running into issues when I try to add a Storyline block in Rise. It looks like Cornerstone does not support SWF files and the Storyline block is a SWF file.  

What do you do?  Are you able to add Storyline blocks in Rise and then Cornerstone?

Are you able to add Storyline courses to Cornerstone?

Thank you

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Sheri Matt

Hi Alyssa,

Yes, Shiela has been very helpful.  I did send her a copy of my Rise file and she was able to tell me which part was creating the SWF file (it was an image I added a hotspot to in Storyline).  As soon as I removed that block we were able to upload the Rise course to Cornerstone.   That works for that course (although I am bummed because I also had to remove a really cool glosssary that I built in Storyline) but I hate the idea of never being able to add Storyline blocks to Rise, or possibly a standalone Storyline course, to Cornerstone because of SWF files.  

Shiela suggested I reach out to the community that also uses Cornerstone.  It looks like Cornerstone doesn't support SWF files and I wanted to see how they handle it. 

I have to say I am pretty technology ignorant.  I don't really understand SWF files and all the tech verbiage and how it all works.  That is a huge reason I have loved Articulate for years...it is easy to author and publish and I don't really need to know how it is done.  I may not even be asking the right question.  

Karl Muller

Hi Sheri,

SWF files are the output of Adobe Flash. Flash is no longer a supported product as this file type is considered to be a security risk.

That is why Cornerstone won't accept this file type. Currently browsers will not play Flash content without the user providing permission.

By the end of 2020, browsers will no longer be able to play any Flash content at all.

All Flash content needs to be converted to HTML5, and Articulate has changed Storyline to produce HTML5 content and not SWF files.