Rise storyline embed showing up with black background on mobile

I have a storyline interaction embedded into a rise course. When viewing the course via the share link, and via review on mobile the interaction has a black background.

In other interactions we've embedded, the background shows up as white. I've changed the player settings to "light theme" and then disabled the player before exporting to 360. 

I've attached some screenshots, help would be much appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Sure thing, Alex! 

  1. The X to close your Storyline block on a mobile device should always be in the upper right. I'm seeing it in the storyline_help_2.jpg that you shared, unless I'm misunderstanding.
  2. Previous and Next buttons in Storyline will need to be turned off on each slide. You can go into Story View, select multiple slides, and manipulate the slide properties at once.

Let me know how you make out!