Rise with Storyline interaction not working on mobile

Hi folks!

I am working on courses in Rise and love the fact I can have SL2 interactions in the course. But when viewing on mobile the interaction don't work. They show a black background with a play button. I've added a snap of how they display:

On tablet and desktop it works fine:

Anyone else come across this? Any tips, please?


Many thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maria and Greg, 

I chatted with our team about this at the end of December and confirmed that this is the intended behavior for Storyline blocks in Rise. 

They're designed to go full screen automatically, and you can click the small X icon in the top left to close the lightbox and return to the Rise page itself. I shared this forum discussion and a few others with our team as a possible new feature idea! 

I'll keep ya posted here, and feel free to also submit your own feature request with us right here. 😁 

Anthony Karcz

Hi, Valesa! Some modern browsers, like Safari and Chrome now block autoplay audio and video. This keeps Storyline 360 content from playing automatically.

Since we can't change browser settings, we updated Storyline 360. Learners are presented with the playback button so they can view Storyline 360 content regardless of browser restrictions. This article goes into the change a bit more

One other note, when viewing Storyline 360 content in a Rise 360 course on a mobile device, your learners will always see the playback button (you can test this when you preview your course in Rise 360). 

If there are specific interactions that aren't working properly in your Storyline block, please let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Drew! Thanks for reaching out! 

This is expected behavior for Preview Mode for Mobile. If you view on the actual device for published content, Share Link or Review 360, this will play normally as intended. 

That being said, we understand the confusion and are tracking requests to get this to preview on Mobile Preview as well. We'll let you know if we make any changes to this!