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Cherese Collins

I haven't seen this feature and this would be nice to have. +1

I test my Rise 360 courses in Scorm Cloud and it gives me an approximation of how long it took me to complete the course. Of course not every learner is the same. Mind you there are videos in my courses so I can try to estimate that way, but there are also interactives and text.  Testing in Scorm cloud gave me a ballpark after completing the course, so this could be a temporary solution until Articulate dev's come up with something for Rise 360.  I saw another thread where someone mentioned taking the number of words in a Rise 360 course, divide that by the average number of words the average adult can read per minute  and that can give you an approximate course duration.  Add the number of minutes from the previous example to any video times (when applicable), to come up with an approximate time for the course duration in that case. 

Chris Powers

Thanks, Cherese. We may be talking about 2 different features. I wanted to see if Rise tracks and reports on time in session and total time per learner. So, the amount of time an individual learner spends each time (s)he accesses a SCORM package and the total time if (s)he accesses the SCORM package multiple times.

I think you may be referring to an overall course duration estimate, not tied to a specific learner. Is that right?

Lea Agato

HI Chris!  That's correct! The logs that I shared are from a Rise course published for SCORM 1.2. I also did a test for SCORM 2004 with similar results. The session time and total time are automatically sent to the LMS without additional configuration.  You can test this by publishing your course and uploading it to SCORM Cloud. I hope this helps!