Spacing and bullet points in Rise

Hi guys,

just wondering if someone can help me please. My Rise is doing weird stuff...

I am using bullet points to space out some text and when the second line of text wraps underneath the text does not look good. To fix the second line of next, I normally just add 2 spaces and its all good to go. Now for the last week I have noticed Rise doing weird stuff to my courses.


Bullet Points Are Wonking


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bailey!

Sorry you're having this trouble! Since Rise is responsive, the text in your course will automatically adapt to every screen size and orientation. That means that the line will break at different points, depending on the width of the browser window.

If you preview your course and resize the browser window to be larger and smaller, do you find that the extra space you added moves as well?

Chet Hertz

Everybody probably already knows this, but since I don't see it mentioned I'll just go ahead and say it: The bullet formatting provided as standard part of Blocks via the List options line up beautifully.  

Granted, that doesn't help with sub-bullet issue.  And that does require you to alternate in and out of the List option rather than simply to bullet in-line in text.  So +1 on the text editor improvement requests, eventually.  

But the Blocks-provided lists are pretty darn good looking when their use is feasible.

Damala Scales Ghosh

Thanks Bailey, just wondering if this will then cause gaps in text when viewing on different screen sizes (text wrapping)?

We've hacked the code to get them aligning perfectly on desktop view but on some mobile screens getting second and subsequent lines aligning a little to the right. Still better than before! 

Jeff DeBoer

Is there anyway to alter the line spacing in Rise?  It appears that some elements have single spacing like the sub-bullets.  While other text elements have larger line spacing like 1.5 or double spacing.  I'd like to try and keep this as consistent as possible and have my course set to single line spacing, but I'm not seeing an option for this.  

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jeff,

Line spacing in Rise is set to double spacing for new paragraphs and single spacing for bulleted lists by default. I can definitely understand why you'd want to have greater control over line spacing though, so I'd be glad to pass along this idea for you! Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see. 😊