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Regina Kirby

Hello - We are experiencing the same issue. We have a videos added to 3 lessons in a Rise course and when each lesson is opened, the video starts immediately.  We want the videos to start when the users reaches it within the lesson and selects the play button. Adding the continue button will work for us in this course, but are there plans to make the video play feature more flexible? Ideally, it would be great if we could choose to enable auto play or not.

Bob Bachynsky

Renz you guys always ask for the file. Is there some way to fix this that you aren't sharing? Maybe because you feel it's too technical? I make several of these a month, all with the same problem. Do I really need to open a support ticket for every Rise I create just to address the autoplay issue? What about updates? If you fix it for me once and I go back an update when the product updates do I need to submit a support ticket?

This issue has been a constant thorn in my side for at least two years, and judging by the age of the comments here it goes back further. I have avoided using Rise on dozens of projects that I would have liked to use it just because of this issue. If there is a fix, share it. I realize not everyone may be technically adept enough to do the fix but give us a fighting chance to learn. 

Renz Sevilla
Hi Bob, Each case can be unique, and some users would prefer not to share their course details or videos publicly in the forums. The autoplay issue can have numerous variables such as browser version, the device used to view, the video host site, and many more. Our team works through each course and variable to determine the cause, and here are some troubleshooting steps that folks can try on their own:
  • Make sure you’re using the latest and supported browser
  • Check Browser settings and behavior
  • Check the host site for any autoplay settings.
  • Check the embed code for autoplay code.
  • Test the standalone video, does this autoplay on its own?
I hope that gives some perspective on our process to narrow down the causes in each case.