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Jueun Lee

We have same issue. I sent a ticket.

We are embedding lots of Storyline blocks directly from Review site in Rise. It becomes nightmare when we publish on Review or SCORM or TINCAN same problems.

I have to republish all over and over to see if it works. If one block display then other blocks not displaying when exporting to Review Site or to our LMS as SCORM or TINCAN.

Gregg Morrison

I am also experiencing this and have raised a support case.  I've been given a workaround suggesting that I remove line breaks in the published course, but this doesn't work.  I was not advised that there was a fix due to be released so I'm glad I stumbled across this thread...

It does appear that this problem might be related to Classic Player, but my client doesn't like the lag between slides on Modern player (screen goes grey and 3 dots appear in the transition).

I am due to deliver these to my client in the next few days.  Do you have a timeline on the fix mentioned above please, because for me this is URGENT?

Mala Srinivasan

Hi Crystal 

I was considering embedding a few Storyline blocks for very specific hot spot and drag and drop interactions. But the previews on iPad and mobile do not directly display the block but show a black box with a player icon. 

Clicking the preview icon in mobile preview does not always work. Strangely going back in browser history loads the SL interaction into mobile preview. 

It appears to be a SL block caching problem in mobile preview/ implementation?

Has the latest Rise update fixed this problem? 

Please advise. Keen to include SL blocks for richer interactions, but worried about display issues and LMS playback issues raised in this post. 

Thanks Mala 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mala. When previewing your Rise course, Storyline blocks won't display for the mobile phone view. You can check how your course looks using the Share link on a mobile phone.

Also, on a mobile device, you'll see the play button screen for Storyline blocks. This is due to browser autoplay policies. Clicking the play button will open the Storyline interaction full screen on a mobile phone and allow any media in the Storyline interaction to play.

I wouldn't recommend swapping the built-in Storyline block for an embed block of Storyline content hosted externally. There won't be an advantage with how the Storyline content looks since all Storyline content will show the play button launch screen on mobile.

Let me know if that brings up more questions for you!

Rhoda Green

I am working on a course right now. I have placed 3 storyline blocks into Rise. I find that users are constantly needing to scroll up or down to make the screen fit properly, especially after a slide where the users are pressing on a hot spot or entering text in a text entry field.

Another question - I will need to place the course into our LMS. Do I publish each storyline module into review 360 so that I can place the block into Rise? That is what I have been doing. I don't know another way. Then I plan to publish the Rise course to LMS, just making users go through all the slides/videos. Will that work?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rhoda! Yes, your steps are correct:

  1. Publish each Storyline module to Review 360.
  2. Insert the three Storyline blocks in your Rie 360 course.
  3. Export the Rise 360 course for LMS

You mentioned your Storyline blocks are making learners scroll up or down to view the full block content. Would you be willing to send us the course share link so we can take a look? If that works for you, you can send it to us privately by clicking here

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Rhoda! I see you replied to this forum via email. Your email signature and contact number also came through. You can remove that and the Rise link by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help. 

To share your course privately, please open a case by clicking on this link.  One of our technical support engineers will assist in testing your course.