Superscripts in Rise Course Title?

I wanted to ask the community whether anyone has had success adding superscript text to a course title in Rise?

I get asked about this more or less every time one of my Rise courses is reviewed and it would be great to be able to give my clients what they want here. 

It's one of those things that I'm sure isn't straight-forward for the Rise dev team (otherwise it would be in?) but looks as though it should be from a client perspective.

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Ursula Hiratsuka

Hi David, I know exactly what you mean!  We also need to have the ® (alt0174) superscripted.  I can change it by applying the style in the ordinary text areas in Rise, but don't have that option in Titles, Tabs, etc. Our legal department is not happy with this....

I found unicode for the ® (U+00AE) but it didn't work for me in the titles etc.  This site had the information   

Kelly-Anne Slatton

I double checked online, and a superscript version of ® does not exist in unicode unfortunately, so I don't think there is any way to finagle this. We really just need the text editor feature to be available for titles, even if it is just with a more limited set of options.

Caroline Bennett

This issue has been open for over a year now. Why hasn't it been fixed yet? Very disappointing.

BTW.. there  are other title issues. I can't get ">" or "<" to display correctly in a labelled graphic pop up title, even though it's entered properly in Rise. Has this been reported yet? Any workaround?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Caroline,

A feature for adding subscripts and superscripts to the Rise 360 title area has not made it to the top of our roadmap yet. We're still tracking requests, so thanks for letting us know this is important to you.

Also, thanks for reporting the labeled graphic error to us. I'm seeing the same thing you're seeing. I'll report this to our team so we can begin looking into it.