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Alicia Blitz

Agreed. I haven't created anything yet in Rise because of the extra work generated by this limitation. Not having a hard copy of the course (Word or pdf) for compliance and versioning (legal reasons) is not an option for us.

Having to screen shot everything in the course doesn't sound like any any fun to me! :)

Cass Netzley

If this feature (Download to PDF) became available in the next few quarters, our department would easily choose it as our production tool for class and certification content. I'd love to put InCopy/InDesign to the side and utilize all the great, easy to use feature Rise offers across our global team. 

Search and notes capability coming hand-in-hand with PDF's being viewed with Adobe Reader would really make the Rise offering compelling for a whole host of industries where some of those features make or break the student experiment. (Studying, lengthy course content referencing, onboarding of new instructors (notes), etc. 

We're in the process (after a large merger) of choosing production tools and a better LMS/DLP option than the three(!) we currently have. Nothing moves fast with these committees sorting things out and getting RFP's out there, but I do know once we have refined branded templates for InDesign.. it will be a much harder 'sell' to get off that track for a while to come. VERY hopeful this Rise to PDF feature could make it out in testing or some roadmap in the next few months. 

Dee OLarey

Also adding my support for the ability to either get a PDF or word document for a rise project. We are also required by our legal group to have a printed copy of the modules we create for compliance and it is to be a printed copy. We just purchased some Articulate 360 licenses and liked what Rise can do and it would be a really great feature for you all to consider to add to this product. Thanks for your consideration!


Tracy Carroll

I would like to add my support for the ability to either get a PDF or Word document for a Rise project. I have a client who is looking at the possibility of converting a Rise course to Storyline, and I would love to be able to use a PDF or Word doc to facilitate this process.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Tracy for weighing in on this feature. For converting a Rise course to Storyline, I'm not sure on how you'd use this type of feature to accomplish it. Could you share a bit more detail so that I can share it with our Product team? If you'd prefer to share with them directly, you can submit any feature ideas here!