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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Don. There isn't a way to track checkpoints in your course, currently. Rise 360 courses will send quiz data and whether the course is completed and/or passed. Rise 360 courses will also resume from where learners leave off when they're hosted in an LMS.

How is your course laid out? Do you have several sections or large lessons for which you'd like to track individual completion? If so, could you break that content down into individual courses?

Don Buttrey

Thanks to both of you. I wish Rise had triggers! Thanks for the idea to break it down. My courses are big and comprehensive and checkpoints with a manager are needed. I like making it into a series of smaller courses -- and will do that. The downside is that I have to pay my provider for 6 registrations or course accesses per person instead of one.

Deniz Ilkbasaran

Hi Don, 

I'm curious if you have in fact found a way around this in the past 9 months. I am dealing with a similar problem. I absolutely agree with you that it should be possible to get more progress data from a nicely designed complete course in Rise without breaking it into pieces. I still don't understand why we cannot use one quiz per module to be tracked by the LMS, which could give clean progress data. 

That said, the closest work around that I found so far was this: 

In Rise, create a folder and break down your course into separate courses, one per each module. Export each one as Scorm or TinCan. Then import each Scorm/TinCan zip into your course as a separate unit/module. This way, as each unit is complete, you get an accurate % info in the LMS.

I am considering Talent LMS at the moment, which allows for multiple Scorm/TinCan packages to be integrated to a single course, one per unit. So you only need one course per learner. Again, this is still a rather unnecessary work around the current limitations, and I'm still exploring ways to make the end product relatively intuitive and clean on the LMS end.