Tracking Progress in Rise

We're working on a prototype using Rise where users can see all of the content (documentation, videos, simulations) we create for our software. There are multiple lessons, and as they go through them, a check mark tells them the lesson has been completed.
After they log out and go back in, those check marks are gone and they don't remember where they left off. I've been reading a lot of discussions about tracking progress, but many of the solutions require a LMS, and we don't need to go that route. We want Rise to remember a user's progress.
Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce,

Where will you be hosting the content for users to log in? Typically an LMS handles the resume of Rise (bookmarking the users last viewed section), so if you're hosting there it would allow the user to return to where they left off. There are some items that don't save such as the Checklist in blocks, but overall the users progress and course completion should be saved.

Let us know if you hit any snags or have other questions! 

Antoine Sample

Hi. We are finding that it is not exactly accurate to say that Rise allows you to return to where you left off. The export SCORM settings seem only to allow you a preset of tracking completion, or test markers. Could you please provide a more complete answer about LMS progress tracking, including which items track best (if at all)...?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Antoine, 

If you exit a Rise course and relaunch it from your LMS, it should return you to the lesson you left off at. So if you had already scrolled to the bottom of that lesson, you'll find yourself back to the top. 

Are you finding that a user completes an entire course and is returned to the course in a way that you don't expect? I'd love to know a bit more about what you're seeing to help pinpoint the issue. 

Marcia Witt

Perhaps Bruce wants a master checklist as to which lessons the user has completed. I have tried doing this in Storyline using layers--I overlay a "checkmark" image which will display on the menu choice on the condition a user has passed a quiz at the end of the section. It works well for each check, but I can't s get it to work on the Quiz Menu with several lessons on a list. I have set conditions to test for each lesson to pass to display a check for that lesson, but only the last tested condition will display. Still tweaking...

Marcia Witt

Hi, Ashley! 

I'm attaching the file to see if you can tell me why I can only get 1 layer to display at a time on my checklist. Only the most recently completed quiz is marked off with an X. When all are completed correctly, the Congratulations layer displays but not the X.

Thanks for any tips/pointers!!!



Marcia Witt

Hi Alyssa,

Yes it did! THANK YOU!!

And now it is working great, with one teensy exception.I hope this is as easy to tweak. ;-)

I have now set variables for pass and fail on each quiz. Returning to the quiz menu can either allow the user to review their results when they pass, or retake the quiz when they fail. It works up until I fail a quiz (i used quiz 3), retake the quiz and then pass it. I should now get a green check on Quiz three. However, after I pass, it still shows I've failed the quiz. Interestingly, the "you passed everything" layer correctly displayed so it's only the layer not flipping back to green like it's supposed to upon passing the quiz.

Do I need to change a state or something?

Thanks a mil!



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marcia!

This one was quite a puzzle, but with the help of my team, I think we got it sorted out!

The PassQuiz and FailQuiz variables you made were an excellent start. From there, I made some changes to your triggers, and also added a few triggers to reset the FailQuiz variables when the learner reattempts the quizzes.

Have a look at your file, run through a few tests, and let me know if it's working how you'd like it to work!

Marcia Witt

Hi Alyssa!

I can see where you tweaked my logic on the Main Quiz Menu page. I had set the >0 to try to establish that there was a score so the quiz had been taken but changing my or to and and setting the <80 is even better.

I failed all the quizzes several times and retook them in various orders and the triggers work as they should.

I also see on the slide layer where you reset the FailQuiz variables combined with the trigger hide layer. I suspected I had to do a reset...somewhere. An aha moment for me. I feel I have a better feel for where to place certain triggers.

Thank you so very much for your time and help. You are a rock star!!!


PS I am having so much FUN with this program!!

Jen Dove

We are having a similar issue with Rise not tracking progress.  Our users go in and work through a non restricted course, exit the course, then upon return all of thier progress (orange circles) is reset.  Upon testing further, upon return the main screen says "Resume Course", but once the course is open, it's starts at the beginning, and progress lost.

I'm reading that others are having these issues with their LMS's but I'm wondering if it isn't something in Rise that needs adjusted?  

Appreciate any insight.

JR Dingwall

Received a message from one of our learners today with a strange occurrence with tracking, 

“… when I go into the module for the first time, they start halfway through and show that I have already completed a good portion of it (module 2 said I had completed 80% of the module when I first opened it).”

Has anyone else encountered something like this? (note: we name each RISE360 'course' as a 'module'). 

Alyssa Gomez

Good question, JR!

The suspend_data element for a Rise 360 SCORM course tells the learning management system (LMS) where you left off when exiting the course and lets you resume later in the same place 

It's so strange that a learner would begin a new course for the first time and start halfway through! If you'd like our team to help you investigate, please let us know here. We may be able to look through the LMS debug log for clues.