Undo function poor/unusable/too limited; hacks not feasible

This is a huge problem for me, not being able to undo easily, or not being able to go back more than one step. As everyone has indicated, ctrl-Z doesn't work in many cases, and the block "undo" feature in Rise is hard to use as it only flashes briefly. I have used Inkling, a competitor of Rise, and have never had any problems with undo--works like a charm every time. But, with Rise, I have had to re-make entire blocks. The trash can is in too-convenient places, easy to accidentally press, and sometimes, I simply change my mind, so want to return.

The hacks seem like we are back in the 90's, when we had to make sure we had backups of everything (in my case with Rise, cutting and pasting to a Word doc, in addition to making a duplicate in Rise, at times) or create extra docs with copies of things we want to keep.

Any status on a more robust undo function? Such as one that allows you to go back multiple steps, or stays up (for the block undo) much longer, etc.? Or better yet, a menu option?

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Linda Mendonsa

Thank you for the reply! Yes, I read all the related discussions and responses before posting this. I also submitted this as a Support ticket and a Developer feature request. :-)  It is in every other tool, including (as I mention) one of their competitors, Inkling. 

Hoping to keep this "bumped up" on the Articulate radar as critical!

Laurin Weston

I'll echo what this, and all of the related posts are pointing out - in 2019, this undo feature should be fundamental not a "nice to have" feature. Saving elsewhere defeats the cloud experience. One other benefit of the tool is having collaborators, but then you're relying on even more users not to have a "delete" or edit accident that can't be fixed. Please, please take this seriously. It's really sad to see an amazing tool have such a critical shortcoming.