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Jennifer Clarke

Hi Crystal,

This issue involves 2 Rise courses that are essentially the same. I built the first one for the ELH challenge about building your portfolio in Rise, then I duplicated it to use as a public-facing portfolio - basically just rearranged the sections and renamed it.

The original versions of both were built in November. I updated both of them last week, adding several more ELH challenges by adding to one and copying to the other. Then I renamed the public one, just adding my name. It's only today that I realized neither one updated their originals.

I did a Peek to show you the issue on just the public one but the issue is the same for the challenge version. Both appear to have been created in Jan.

The other issue is that my Review url tab description now says "Gather and Share Stakeholder Feedback on Review 360...) instead of my name - I don't think it said that before. Somethin's up!

Here's the Peek: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/589886ba-21a9-4804-95bb-4b5c8b65a3b2/review

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the Peek, Jennifer! I was hoping your video would show what happens when you click the Review button from the Jennifer Clarke - eLearning ePortfolio course. I'd like to see how your Review 360 dashboard changes after you publish to Review 360.

Would you mind sharing a quick screen recording of that step?