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Susan Holland

It took me a while to figure it out the first time too.  Here are some tips to check. I create storyline objects for just the items to want to make sure autoplay and need to be complete before continuing.

  1. In storyline, for the triggers I used play video on start of the slide and complete course as completed/passed when video completes.  
  2. When publishing storyline object for an lms I am still using the basic scorm 1.2.  Using Cornerstone on demand, I've had some odd results when using the others inside of a rise course.
  3. Usually I don't allow the seekbar or only drag after completion. 

In Rise, if you use Microsoft Edge, it allows autoplay while working in Rise so you can see if you have the autoplay published correctly instead of Chrome.

  1. For the continue bar, I use the completion type Complete Block Directly Above.  For video I find this works better than all blocks above. 
  2. In the navigation settings, I the rise course to restricted so they have to complete the lessons in order so they aren't skipping the required content and asking me why the system won't grant them completion credit for the course. 

Hopefully this helps decode what you need to do.  Please let us all know what works and what doesn't so we can continue to help each other. I'd love to hear from others how they use Storyline to get around this issue with Rise.

Stephanie James

I am new to Rise and was excited to believe I could use 'the perfect' stock video to play in Storyline. Imagine my disappointment to see the translation from an elegant storyline explanation to a clumsy dark screen with a play button in Rise. Then to find this conversation trail from 12 months ago which looks to have been ignored.  I add my small voice to improving this feature please.

Crystal Horn

Hi Stephanie. I hear what you're saying, and I'm sorry this was frustrating for you. 

Web content with media is somewhat at the mercy of modern browsers and their autoplay policies. For example, Chrome requires permission for audio to play with a "click" from the viewer. In order to ensure that learners will be able to both see and hear your video content, we added the play button for Storyline interactions that have audio on the first slide. Without it, learners could see a video with no audio, or a stuck video with no instruction on what to do.

Mark Traylor

I realize it's been a while, but to my knowledge the autoplay functionality still hasn't been added to Rise.  So I wholeheartedly agree that it's needed.  Rise was created to have a more streamlined and modern approach to content, and having to click something to get it to start defeats the design intent.  It's just clunky and inefficient.

Alisa Funk

I will add my voice here as well. A simple trigger at the beginning of the course/tab that says "enable audio before proceeding" can be a workaround. If it can be done in Storyline, I am sure it can be done in Rise. Rise is a sleek, cool, neat design that is a step above from a very DIY Storyline, yet a KEY feature - narration - is not an option in Rise. That basically erases that entire program for me, since I cannot have users scroll through the content just to get to the next page. Videos are limited to one square and Storyline block is - again - clunkier Storyline (don't get me wrong, I love Storyline, but client wants a "lighter" option)

In My Humble Opinion - every block (a picture, text, quiz etc) should have an option "record narration". It's a simple accessibility feature. 

Dawn Vaccon


I know this is an older post, but I would like to add my voice here to ask you to add an option to allow autoplay of videos in Rise.  Our team projects are video heavy, and we are trying to identify new ways for delivering our trainings.  Rise has a ton of potential, but quite honestly, not providing the option to autoplay videos is a show-stopper for us.

It really should be up to the designers and developers of the course projects on whether video and audio autoplay. 

Jay Mistry

Hello - can you confirm if autoplay video content has been added to (Rise) Articulate 360. I would like as the admin to preselect that certain videos would autoplay as you move to certain sections and at other times let the user decide to turn this option on... can you please confirm if this is planned to be implemented anytime soon as using the workaround via SL (as mentioned above) is not the same experience of using the tool if an option was available directly with Rise 360 itself.

eric barns

I agree just laid out  several steps in a process sequence and now its a waste of time as in the preview when the user clicks forward and as they start reading, then a interruption to the flow as they relies they have to click play. Its simple, enable auto play for publishing to scorm (comply to scorm standards)  and warn the minority of eLearning Developer autopay is off for  web published content, WIN WIN