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Simon Taghioff
Empowering you to build great learning experiences for all your learners is essential. We’re excited to bring you another batch of accessibility features and improveme...
Articulate Storyline 19 days ago
By Matthew Bibby
Mike Olivieri
Now it’s easier than ever to manage your content in Review 360. Whether you want to show stakeholders different versions of your course or restore a previous version, ...
Review 360 4 days ago
By Veronica Ewing
Mike Olivieri
Hey, Articulate 360 users! We’re unveiling more new features that make it even easier to create engaging, interactive e-learning courses. The biggest story in Storylin...
Articulate Storyline 17 days ago
By Maria Costa-Stienstra
Bianca Woods
Who doesn’t love making a good first impression? And when it comes to learning, setting a tone that grabs your learners’ attention right from the start is crucial. Aft...
Articulate Storyline 20 days ago
By Bianca Woods
Mike Olivieri
Today we released a new beta feature in Storyline 360 called 360° images. We think you’ll love transforming any 360° image into an interactive learning experience that...
Articulate Storyline 3 days ago
Justin Grenier
After installing Microsoft's Flash-removal update, legacy Articulate apps will stop working, and Flash-only courses won't load. On October 27, 2020, Microsoft released...
Articulate Presenter 25 days ago
By Paul Hancock
Scott Byers
Is it possible to include several languages in one course or do I have to create a separate course for each language? I can do this in Storyline by creating a separate...
Rise 360 14 minutes ago
By Loredana Marchetti
Amanda Matyas
Is there a plain owner's manual for this program so I don't have to dig through the internet to find basic functions.
Articulate Storyline 25 minutes ago
By Tanya L'Estrelle-Adcock
Susan Herley
Hey all, I have this module here that is supposed to change the state of the (custom) next button from hidden to normal when the user views all three layers of i...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Susan Herley
John Black
Storyline works with vector graphics (shapes, cartoon characters, etc.) but I can't figure out a way to import them. I can insert an eps file in PowerPoint and import ...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Solmozhi selvan
Christian Cuneo
We have built a custom menu layer that allows the user to jump to any slide they have previously been on. There are quite a few trigger on the "timeline start" to set ...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Ahmad Nairat
Chris Petrizzo
Hi. I'm pretty sure the following is not currently possible, but I wanted to ask the question just to make certain... I am using a Storyline block in a Rise course. Th...
Rise 360 2 hours ago
By Andi Baes
Steve Lyne
I have just discovered that a Storyline 360 project viewed on a mobile device is showing an old version number as the title, picking that up from an "accessibility tre...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Steve Lyne
Connie Malamed
Is there a way to display a feedback box with text only and no correct and incorrect label? Sometimes, there are shades of gray and not all responses can align to a Co...
Rise 360 3 hours ago
By Kirstin Mitchell
Shannon Connor
Can variables be grouped in the variable window so they're easier to work with?
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Math Notermans
Joe Waddington
Is there a pre-built glossary feature in Rise? If not, have have others built a glossary when needed?
Rise 360 3 hours ago
By Gerry McAteer
Stefanie K Thorkelson
Do any of the Articulate apps publish or export course files as APK? Adobe eliminated Phonegap in 2020. We used Phonegap to publish Captivate files as APK. We ar...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Maximilian Gregory
Nathalie Alexander
Hello everyone, I'm very new to articulate and apologize if this has been covered; I was unable to find any information on it. I'm building a quiz in Quiz...
Articulate Quizmaker 4 hours ago
By Cheryl Lynch
Sharon Keung
Hi all, I've created a timeline in Engage 360 and imported it to Storyline 360. Then published the storyline file to Review 360 and added to Rise 360 using a Sto...
Rise 360 5 hours ago
By Sharon Keung
Shannon McGinnis
Hi, I inherited several courses from a previous employee. We just moved to a new LMS and some are not working. I have the zip files but not the original story fil...
Articulate Storyline 7 hours ago
By Katherine Boland
Raymond Yucis
Hi ... I know it is possible to change the numbers in a numbered list block. However, is there a way to do that when you are inserting a numbered list in a text ...
Rise 360 7 hours ago
By Lea Agato
I am creating SAP training simulation. I add a text box on the SAP field where particular data has to be entered. Where do I specify what is the correct input? If I ty...
Articulate Storyline 9 hours ago
Jeanine Kobylinski
Hi Everyone! I am hoping someone can help me. I have built a course in SL and it is to be exported to web. The user seems to be consistently stuck on a slide and...
Articulate Storyline 10 hours ago
By Jeanine Kobylinski
Holly Greene
Hello, Is there an 'exit course" button in Rise? Once in the LMS, it seems there isn't a way for students to exit the program. Thank you! Holly
Rise 360 12 hours ago
By Amanda Hornby
Shannon Connor
Hello! A few years ago I obtained a wonderful calculator from a fellow user on this forum. I now need to add a square button and square route button. I am not fluent w...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Shannon Connor
Margo Rothstein
I had an image with text and white background. I made that background transparent, but there was still a slight white edge around my text. How do I get rid of that lit...
Articulate Storyline 14 hours ago
By Margo Rothstein