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Simon Taghioff
We know it’s important for you to be able to create accessible e-learning—not just because it’s a compliance issue, but because it’s critical to build training that’s ...
Articulate Storyline 11 hours ago
By Soren J Birch
Mike Olivieri
We love giving you new ways to work more efficiently in Storyline 360. That’s why we’ve added more options for seeing the changes you’re making to your projects withou...
Articulate Storyline 2 months ago
By Judy Nollet
Mike Olivieri
We’re so excited to share this new feature in Storyline 360: the jump-to-time trigger. Now you can create unique interactions and give learners new ways to navigate yo...
Articulate Storyline 2 months ago
By Sheila Mansolillo
Mike Olivieri
We’ve just released a powerful new feature in Rise 360: closed captioning. Now you can upload closed caption files to videos to make your content more accessible.&nbsp...
Rise 360 5 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Mike Olivieri
We’re really excited to share this new update to Storyline 360: the accessible player. With the new accessible player, learners can use a broader range of screen reade...
Articulate Storyline 21 days ago
By Diane Elkins
Mike Olivieri
It’s already easy to build fully responsive courses quickly in Rise 360. And now, we’ve added another time-saving way to create engaging courses for every learner: tem...
Rise 360 4 hours ago
By Akansha Grover
Justin Grenier
We’re improving the Articulate 360 sign-in experience and have added a new network endpoint. If your working environment doesn’t require whitelisting endpoints or you’...
Articulate Storyline 11 months ago
By Justin Grenier
Caren Dankin
Hello, I have designed a section of a course using web objects to call .pdf's from our companies server so the learner can read over the information at their own pace....
Articulate Storyline 20 minutes ago
By Caren Dankin
david strzalkowski
I have built a course in Storyline 360 that resides in an LMS. The course has a path selection on the first slide for basic data or advanced data. It is bu...
Articulate Storyline 28 minutes ago
By Christina Bayma
Mohammad Kaisar
I am using Storyline 2 We are having issues with learners opening courses and then leaving them open for a long time and our LMS times out. The course is still open so...
Articulate Storyline 40 minutes ago
By Hassan Mujtaba
Natalia Gonzalez
We have found that using the same resources in the creation of an eLearning course in Storyline and in Rise, when we publish the file in SCORM it´much bigger in ...
Rise 360 41 minutes ago
By Learning Development
Renaldo Lawrence
I have create a site in Rise, however the trial period ran out but I exported the content out. (I now have a different account) I have the html and the zipped rile. Qu...
Rise 360 1 hour ago
By Jonathan Delgado
Jake Hurt
Hi, I have been doing some testing using Studio 360 with upgrading some legacy .09 courses. All works fine, but when I preview/publish some of the slide masters do not...
Articulate Presenter 1 hour ago
By Kelly Hamilton
Cameron Ward
Some time ago, PowerPoint came out with a transition called Morph that literally morphs shapes, colors, strokes, graphics, etc. from one slide to the next. In other wo...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Sophie Bristow
The buttons in Rise allow you to link to different lessons in your course but there are times when there is a need to connect a text or an image to a particular lesson...
Rise 360 1 hour ago
By Joe Klingaman
Karyn Aberts
I am trying to import the closed caption .srt file. They show up when I click to edit closed captions, but when I view the course and click the CC icon, they do not di...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Karyn Aberts
Mica Oli
So, I have an idea about how question banks work, but I'm having trouble working around this project that was asked from me. The project consists of 20 processes (topi...
Articulate Storyline 1 hour ago
By Mica Oli
Jennifer Goulet
I can't figure out why a button I have in hidden state won't change to normal when all of the triggers should be getting activated. I'm at a loss and am now seeking ot...
Articulate Storyline 2 hours ago
By Jeff Forrer
Michele Schuck
Hi. How are my Rise quizzes scored in regard to multiple response questions? If all correct answers are not selected, does that count as one wrong question? Or is the ...
Rise 360 2 hours ago
By Michele Schuck
Ayeesha Kanji
My boss has assigned my email to a new license under Articulate 360 Teams. When I login with my email, I receive a message stating my free trial expired and to retry o...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Ayeesha Kanji
adriana sandor
Hello, I need your help on a topic regarding multiple quizzes. So, I want to do a product containing multiple quizzes. Every quiz will have points per answer. I ...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By adriana sandor
Danny Rego
Hi everyone, My client gets an error when playing embedded videos if their VPN is turned on. Turning off their VPN resolves the issue. This is a problem as the learner...
Rise 360 3 hours ago
By Danny Rego
Sara Holmberg
Hi everyone! I have used Storyline 1, 2 and now 3 for many years and have seldom had any problems... until now, when my project won´t publish. I wan´t to publish to th...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
William Ryan
Hi All, I have a real head scratcher here. I want to set up a quiz question that will analyze two numerical entry fields and give a correct response when they are both...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
Meera Lynn
I have a Certificate with a print button only on that slide. To print, the User will click the Print Certificate button I've inserted and on which I've&nbsp...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Phil Mayor
Beverley Campbell
Hi there, i am new to Articulate and I am creating training videos and i have broken down all my sections into Buttons. I am trying to make it so that when you c...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
Shivachi Talwar
Hello team - In my module i see the slides in order when i view the story however when i preview it the slide 1.1 is seen to be placed at the bottom of the list any id...
Articulate Storyline 3 hours ago
By Shivachi Talwar