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Justin Grenier
We’ve reached the difficult decision to shut down our Articulate Online product at the end of next year — effective December 31, 2021. It was a hard call for us t...
4 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Mike Olivieri
We just released three cool quiz features in Storyline 360. Now you have even more flexibility and control over the information reported to your LMS and how you assess...
8 days ago
By Bonnie Kenney
Simon Taghioff
We know it’s important for you to be able to create accessible e-learning—not just because it’s a compliance issue, but because it’s critical to build training that’s ...
2 hours ago
By Jeff Forrer
Mi Minh
I'm setting the customize video, by adding pause, replay backward, and forward button. I also got lightboxes to explain some definitions in the videos. It works well t...
23 minutes ago
By Ned Whiteley
Jennifer Nguyen
Anyone know of a way for a button to pull from the current url? I'd like to be able to parse this url and have a button linked to the course page. For example, i...
3 hours ago
By Dave Cox
Sara DeBevoise
Hello, Hoping to get some help. We are looking into incorporating more gamification into our eLearnings and just getting started. I have bookmarked several helpful art...
3 hours ago
By Kristin Hatcher
Terry Roundtree
CANVAS is not displaying the grade after a learner completes the lesson. An "X" is displayed as a grade instead of a checkmark. Our Storyline file has the following se...
3 hours ago
By Nicole DeSarno
Lisa Ford
Are there any plans to add any characters that are under 20 into the Articulate 360 character library. It would be great to have a few children to pick from.
4 hours ago
By Kristin Hatcher
Sean Herriott
I'm trying to import a PowerPoint project into Storyline 3. It imports fine, and I'm able to make changes to the slides, but when I try to save it I get the error mess...
4 hours ago
By Sean Herriott
Breanna Colaiacomo
Hello! I'm hoping someone is willing to help out a storyline newbie. I'm working on creating a template to use for all our companies e-learning going forward. I'm look...
4 hours ago
By Joselina Sutoyo
Daniel Bolia
Hello everyone, I understand that the default font can be changed by accessing the Design tab and choosing a new font as the default. However, I'm unable to change the...
4 hours ago
By Kristin Hatcher
Bruce Graham
Hi, Just thought that you might be interested..... Via some code additions to the published story.html file, (which has been renamed to an index.html file...), have m...
4 hours ago
By Emanuel Falade
Ali sina
Hi guys, It just came in my mind if we could add a "Merge Shapes Feature" like "PowerPoint" in Storyline so It can be quite helpful to create interesting shapes and pi...
4 hours ago
By Brett Pearce
Jarred King
Hello, I started working in Storyline 360 today and noticed that the entire program is blurry which makes it look like a 1990s program. Research answered the question ...
5 hours ago
By Jarred King
Beth Cougler Blom
Hi all, Has anyone heard of errors with scrolling panels showing up when sharing a .story file back and forth with two people both on Storyline 360? Client is saying t...
5 hours ago
By Beth Cougler Blom
Kristin Koeleman
I am trying to publish a SL course as a video (mp4) and it is taking forever! I have 6 slides, and on one slide a 90 second video. The total time for all six slides is...
5 hours ago
By Anuradha Satish
Kate Hoelscher
I know I can change slide numbering by dragging the slides around in a scene, but I cannot figure out how to change scene numbering without re-creating the scenes and ...
5 hours ago
By Jim Bitner
Rayburn Diana
I am having issues with the text that is typed in a text entry field not wrapping. Sometimes the text will wrap and sometimes it will not. Am I missing a setting or so...
5 hours ago
By Steven Walsh
Emily Johnson
I am unable to publish my Storyline 360 presentation to Word. When I select the option in the publish settings, it takes all of 2 seconds and tells me it is done, but ...
5 hours ago
By Alexis De Ryck
Cody Tubbs
I am using Storyline 360 and the latest Jaws 18. I have a project with many slides in which I have ordered the tabs properly. Everything seems to be working as it shou...
5 hours ago
By Sarah Nechamen
Akash Jambhorkar
Hi Everyone, I have created courses in articulate Storyline 3 update 4. When I view it from a PC or Laptop the audio is playing fine. When I view i...
5 hours ago
By Linda Rodriguez
Tria Vang
Hi, This might be a silly question, but worth a shot. For some strange reason, I am unable to use the "delete" function in Storyline. I can add any kind of object, but...
6 hours ago
By Jenny Weston
Jason Chan
I thought I would start a thread about Cornerstone on Demand so there's a central place for people to read and add to. There seems to be a dearth of information a...
6 hours ago
By Carolyn Kunz