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Mike Olivieri
It’s easier than ever to give your learners an intuitive navigation experience. In our latest Storyline 360 update, now the built-in player controls are more in line w...
12 days ago
By Victoria Sublette
Ashley Terwilliger
By now you’ve likely heard that Adobe is ending its support of Flash on December 31, 2020. In fact, Adobe released the last ever Flash update today, December 10, 2020....
2 months ago
By Ashley Terwilliger
Justin Grenier
After installing Microsoft's Flash-removal update, legacy Articulate apps will stop working, and Flash-only courses won't load. On October 27, 2020, Microsoft released...
3 months ago
By Justin Grenier
Justin Grenier
We’ve reached the difficult decision to shut down our Articulate Online product (our legacy learning management system launched in 2007) at the end of next year —...
14 days ago
By Rebecca Ronald
Austeja Krukonyte
Hi, I am writing because I have a task to convert old e learning training based in flash to new one in storyline. As you know the flash based training not working anym...
3 minutes ago
By Jeff Forrer
Ian Bell
I have a client that is likely to request "stand-alone" versions of the training material on CD / USB. We are rightly concerned that they may use the material for unin...
17 minutes ago
By Jeff Forrer
Lori Cook
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me please! I have two "Self Assessment" Slides with 10 statements on each slide that the user needs to input a rating val...
25 minutes ago
By Jeff Forrer
OS: Window 10 Software: Articulate Storyline 3 I've used the "Record Screen" option before. But it's been a few years. Before recording, I'm carefully selecting my scr...
27 minutes ago
By P L
Paula Neuman
I read the reply from 2 years ago to Karyn Bush's question about displaying a course on the website instead of LMS. It said to "Upload all of the contents of the...
29 minutes ago
By Kevin DuArte
Kathy Porter
I have tried saving my project to my University server and cannot seem to have it recognize the Storyline file. Any ideas?
32 minutes ago
By Kevin DuArte
Victoria Sublette
I have found a workaround, but hoping there is a more elegant way to achieve this... I have a drag and drop exercise with 2 attempts. It has an introduction/instructio...
1 hour ago
By Gerry McAteer
Eileen Fernandez-Parker
My Articulate tab in Ppt won't load. I followed the directions in other knowledge base articles with no luck. The exact message is in the attachment. Any h...
3 hours ago
By Laura Stark
Wagih Ali
Dear Friends, Please help ........ I have a project designed on Storyline 3, and I want to publish it after support stops for all Flash activities early this year. The...
3 hours ago
By Wagih Ali
Sam L
Is there an easy way to export out storyline slides to PowerPoint. It's a client request. We built directly in storyline Thanks
3 hours ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Sylvia Woloszyn
Hello Articulate Team, I am using Articulate Storyline 2 for a company project. Since Adobe Flash has been discontinued (effective Dec. 31, 2020) , the previ...
3 hours ago
By Ryoko Iro
julie sistik
I have created a button slide that navigates user to an interaction then I need user to go back to button slide to press a second button Which takes them to anoth...
5 hours ago
By Mary Ann Tobesman
Christian Auerbacher
Hi e-learning heroes, i've ran into a problem with a "submit" button in a pick many interaction i've created. The button is hidden at the beginning of the timeline. So...
6 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
Ian Skuse
Has anybody else had trouble with triggers that use the "IF" statement? I have the following: quiz = true; layer = 2; If quiz = true AND layer = 2,&n...
6 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
Dan Graham
First off, how awesome are the new content library additions?! And I'm sure the library is only going to get larger and larger now that the framework is set up. ...
6 hours ago
By Walt Hamilton
tom mueller
Hi, I use Moodle and want create survey slides for feedback. The feedback should sent as mail. Any ideas? I can't program.
6 hours ago
By tom mueller
joyce noval
Hello. I'm a developer and I am trying to learn more about this 508 Compliance and Accessibility. I do have a question: If I use the collapsible Menu, does that make m...
6 hours ago
By joyce noval
Bill Kelleher
My LMS plays SCORM files inline on the page rather than opening in a new window. Because of this the audio narration will not play without the user clicking on the cou...
6 hours ago
By Bill Kelleher
Julie Dolezal
Is there a way to record a voiceover that will start automatically without pressing a button? I don't mind where the course is created Storyline or Rise.
7 hours ago
By Julie Dolezal
Amit Singh
Hi, I have the updated version of Storyline on my system. When I publish the files, it shows only the HTML 5 version to publish the file. After publishing the f...
7 hours ago
By Katie Riggio