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Mike Olivieri
We’ve just added another great feature to Storyline 360: text styles. Now you have a faster, easier way to control the visual appearance of slide text in your Storylin...
2 hours ago
By John Morley
Simon Taghioff
We know it’s important for you to be able to create accessible e-learning—not just because it’s a compliance issue, but because it’s critical to build training that’s ...
11 days ago
By Lauren Connelly
Lisa Ogan
Hi there. I need to print a page in a SL 360 course (not a certificate). I found some javascript which has worked great, but there is one issue. The formatting/size of...
1 minute ago
By Dave Cox
Learning QBCC
Hi Articulate community, Hope everyone is doing well out there! I’m working with some variables & conditions in storyline, and want to grey out certain texts based...
7 minutes ago
By Learning QBCC
Whitney Lowe
I am trying to copy the states and format from one button to numerous others in a project. When I use the format painter it copies all the formatting (color, font, etc...
12 minutes ago
By Adam Cumbers
John Morley
Although this has worked for us in the past, slides containing a results variable, such as used in a results slide, do not preview and don't work when published. I hav...
13 minutes ago
By Dave Cox
I have a course with 3 quizzes in it. They are at 3 levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. The learner can pass any of the 3 quizzes to complete the course. They c...
1 hour ago
By N O
Adrian Granchelli
Hello! I have a question regarding privacy. In Canada it is law that student data must be stored on servers within Canada. If a course were exported from Articulate...
2 hours ago
By Adrian Granchelli
Melissa Morrison
I've been trying to find someplace that specifies the difference between LMS Reporting for Passed/Failed and Passed/Incomplete. None of the articles I am fin...
2 hours ago
By Joleen Kiesel
Spring Moffitt
I am having problems with images not showing up in the published version. Images are all there in the .Story file and they are all visible in the preview mode. Once pu...
3 hours ago
By Designs Online
veena govada
Hi All, I have installed Storyline updates one week back, after that I can see wavy red lines under misspelled words in browser. We used to get spellcheck error l...
3 hours ago
By Tyler Sloan
Angela Pedra
Hello! A total newbie here - new to the forums and Articulate. I am trying to add a 'reference' to a text data entry and it just doesn't seem to be working. I've...
3 hours ago
By yewande daniel-ayoade
Fay Sicker
I would love a trigger which allows me to resize an object over a period of time (to be smaller or bigger than the original). I understand I can create a smaller ...
4 hours ago
By Fay Sicker
Scott Shull
I need to reassign some Articulate 360 licenses that were either incorrectly assigned or assigned to a now-departed team member. Anyone know how I can do that fr...
4 hours ago
By pavithra soundarrajan
Kim Castro
Hi everyone, we are working on a project and we are using the Storyline Recording Tool, we are doing a Simulation (Try Mode) but it's our policy not to test on this si...
4 hours ago
By Kim Castro
Katelin Jordan
Is there going to be an update to the modern player at some point? It would be really nice to be able to adjust the color of the script panel to white on the back play...
4 hours ago
By Katelin Jordan
Sheila Bulthuis
I've created a Storyline course, and it's working perfectly except that it's showing an LMS completion status before it should: It's set for completion at 39/40 slides...
4 hours ago
By Seth Augustover
lilian marshall
I noticed a quirk in the html5 build. This project contains 3 lessons with topic sections in each. In some of the topic sections the quizzes act funny. When I click re...
5 hours ago
By Katie Riggio
Agnieszka O'Keeffe
Hi. I was testing my scorm file on iPad (Safari 13.1) and notice that VO is working only on first slide. Next one need to go Next and Previous to get the VO playing. I...
5 hours ago
By Linda Rodriguez
Sally Wiedenbeck
If you've ever needed to build an accessible course in Storyline, you may know that the built in drag and drop interactions are not accessible (see the VPAT). However,...
5 hours ago
By Angi Lewis
Casey Lentz
Is there a way to have several videos on one slide but have which video is played determined by a variable? I can only get the video that is closest to the top to show...
5 hours ago
By Michael Hinze
Nick Niggel
What does the red circle mean in the upper left corner of a slide in story line?
5 hours ago
By Katie Riggio