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James Welle
Starting in January 2022, we will remove support for the Internet Explorer 11 browser (IE11) from all Articulate 360 web apps,, and E-Learning Heroes. W...
Articulate Presenter 2 days ago
By sabtin jack
Justin Grenier
After installing Microsoft's Flash-removal update, legacy Articulate apps will stop working, and Flash-only courses won't load. On October 27, 2020, Microsoft released...
Articulate Presenter 2 months ago
By Paul Hancock
Karen W
I have many older trainings which were created in Articulate Studio 13 using Articulate Presenter plug-in, and they must be updated for accessibility. Question 1 - If ...
Articulate Presenter 2 hours ago
By Karen W
Daniel Perez
Hello everybody. I just started making web pages and I would like to make a processor comparison table like this web page does:
Articulate Replay 3 hours ago
By Daniel Perez
por fa si me puedes ayudar, estoy probando un interactivo en articul e (que se exporta en SCORM para LMS) con archivos PARA SIN CONECTIVIDAD. Estos archivos tienen for...
Articulate Replay 5 hours ago
By Lauren Connelly
Shari Hanlon
Hello, community! I cut a longer video into two pieces in Replay, and the Track A component is longer than the video so when I export it to an MP4, there is dead air a...
Articulate Replay 5 hours ago
By Shari Hanlon
Taylor Hansen
Hello, I am attempting to import an MP4 file into Replay 360. However I keep getting the attached message. I'm really confused, as I've read in multiple places that Mp...
Articulate Replay 7 hours ago
By Lauren Connelly
Hi, I've made a pick many where you can check checkboxes (let's say you check 10 out of 18). When reviewing, I don't want students to be able to change their answ...
Articulate Quizmaker 3 days ago
By Irene GOULD
Learning & Innovation Hub
Hello, I have created a quiz in Quizmaker and would like to import it into RISE and make completing it a mandatory part of my course. Is there a way to do this? Curren...
Articulate Quizmaker 3 days ago
By Phil Mayor
Cynthia Hurd
I am working to split a large MP4 file into several segments. Replay 360 will split 3x but when I attempt the 4th split, it is greyed out. Am I doing somet...
Articulate Replay 4 days ago
By Cynthia Hurd
Bill Kemsley
Hi, Storyline 360 recently got a player facelift in the form of "Modern Player." Are there plans to add a Modern Player to Studio 360? - Bill
Articulate Presenter 6 days ago
By Vivekananda Kadukuntla
laetitia slaes
Bonjour, Jaurais aimer savoir si il est possible pour le scoring des quiz que a la fin du quiz au lieu d'avoir des points ou pourcentage, il serait possible de discern...
Articulate Quizmaker 7 days ago
By laetitia slaes
Laura Boling
I have a pre-recorded video I am placing in Replay 360. Ideally, it will be multiple videos together with a voice over added. Every time I upload a video (recorded on ...
Articulate Replay 7 days ago
By Laura Boling
Tonya Weathers
I'm trying to record a screen using Replay, but I'm not sure how to adjust the screen size in the actual Replay screen after I finish my recording. I'm used to being a...
Articulate Replay 10 days ago
By Dakota Brown
Tom Hudson
Is there any way to set the default for advancing slides from "auto" to "by user?"
Articulate Presenter 10 days ago
By David Murphy
Claire Gibson
I keep cutting the video and it doesn't play with the cut. So I save, exit and reload. The cut has happened, but now I cant replace or edit what I cut, as its lo...
Articulate Replay 11 days ago
By Claire Gibson
KC Chou
I am test-drive a few SCORM authoring tools for my organization. I am ok with what I see so far in Studio 360 (Presenter & Quizmaker) and would like to ...
Articulate Engage 11 days ago
By KC Chou
Dina Johnson
If I only have the player and data files from an old course, can I convert it from Flash to HTML? I believe it was done in Articulate Studio 13. I do not have the PPT ...
Articulate Presenter 12 days ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Kimberley Sargent
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Articulate Presenter 12 days ago
By Depth World
Iliyan Iliev
Hello, My course includes graded questions only. I have chosen to submit all answers at once. If I review the quiz to correct my responses before I sub...
Articulate Quizmaker 13 days ago
By Becca Levan
Jeff Sale
I am wondering if it is possible to add more than 10 possible Options/Answers to the Survey: Pick One Question. I have to have 13 possibilities. I know how...
Articulate Quizmaker 13 days ago
By Leslie McKerchie
Anita Roper
I must admit, I'm baffled. Replay 360 output is to MP4, but Storyline 360 does not support MP4. Please advise how I can transfer my Replay 360 content to S...
Articulate Replay 13 days ago
By Becca Levan