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Trina Rimmer
By now you’ve likely heard that Adobe is ending its support of Flash on December 31, 2020. In fact, Adobe released the last ever Flash update today, December 10, 2020....
2 months ago
By Trina Rimmer
Chris Foster
Hi! This calculator was made using Storyline for a Workplace Burnout course that I built in Rise. The results can be printed which I thought would be useful ...
16 days ago
By Chris Foster
3 hours ago
By Aaron Huffman
MarkAnthony Chesner
Hello Heroes! As is the subject title, is there a way for the built-in, or custom button, in the player to trigger a custom menu from the Master Slide? I had tho...
5 hours ago
By Russell Killips
Derrick Reese
Hi guys, I've been tasked to create branching activity that that captures the learners ability to demonstrate attention to detail, empathy, and general customer servic...
8 hours ago
By Derrick Reese
ROB Roberts
I am using StoryLine to create onboarding courses for our job. (self-taught). The boss and I were discussing the best way to handle making a course that is multi-branc...
9 hours ago
By ROB Roberts
Elizabeth Douglas
Hi I am looking for a tried and true template that handles the one lot of content but can be used across multiple mediums (e.g. Rise (scorm) and Sharepoint). In ...
10 hours ago
By Elizabeth Douglas
Jason Tilley
Hi guys, I'm new to Javascript and wondering what I'm doing wrong on the below: player.getvar ("Results.ScorePercent"); alert ("Variable result is " + player.GetVar("R...
11 hours ago
By Brian Bland-Clark
Julie Frappier
Hello everybody, I'm curious to see how you explain the validation process of your storyboard to your clients. Do you define the number of validation passes...
11 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Helen Gilbert
I am doing a spot of research and wondered if you could help me. I build eLearning for a financial company and I was wondering how many pieces of content would you say...
13 hours ago
By Helen Gilbert
Daniel Cortez
Hi Heroes! I'm going to create my eLearning portfolio. But, my storyline skills are pretty basic. I wanna first, create a software simulation training. Liked this old ...
14 hours ago
By Sarah Hodge
Tim Biery
Is it possible on a sequence question, to remove options as they put things in order? So for instance, in this example, as a user selects "Syrup is released", "Blendin...
14 hours ago
By Sarah Hodge
Xavier Thierry
J’aimerai avoir quelques conseils pour pouvoir changer les numéros de scènes et de diapositives dans un projet quand il y a eu des changements de position (la scène 6 ...
14 hours ago
By Allison LaMotte
Pam Brunton
Hi, We currently have a video that teaches a process end to end. It is in MP4 format and not in Storyline. Part of the process has changed and the person w...
14 hours ago
By Chris Dale
Reba Matthews
Displaying a Science Fair Project This is an Interactive Science Fair Board Activity assisting students with developing high-quality board displays that can me...
15 hours ago
By Reba Matthews
Charlie Sinclair
Hi all, This isn't really a specific question about Articulate, I wanted some advice from you as my peers around professional development. I fell into e-learning desig...
17 hours ago
By Charlie Sinclair
umar Siddique
Hi, every one! need help in selecting LMS and designing courses for our workforce in central banking.
19 hours ago
By Kevin Fowler
Michael Ambech
Hi all! I'm just curious as we're possibly looking to switch to a different LMS. What is - in your experience - the most accessible LMS out there? Best regards Michael
20 hours ago
By Michael Ambech
Krystil Ellis
I've created a slider with the users choice represented as a number in the reference box a as they slide across. For some reason every step except for step one present...
1 day ago
By Ned Whiteley
Doug Davis
I wanted to share a game called Press Your Luck Jeopardy. Here is the link: Press Your Luck Jeopardy Using SL 360, this is a mash-up of both Press Your Luck and Jeopar...
1 day ago
By Doug Davis
Doug Davis
I wanted to share a game called Wheel of Jeopardy. Here is the link: Wheel of Jeopardy Using SL 360, this is a mash-up of both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy using Asse...
1 day ago
By Doug Davis
Daniel Brigham
I know that question is sort of like where's your favorite fishing hole. Hi, all -- I've been a freelancer for about a year and a half now, and for the first time, thi...
2 days ago
By Brian Whittaker