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Danny Benton
Here is a simple column graph which changes data by responding to turning dials. I made this for E-Learning Challenge #357 - Using Interactive Charts to Pres...
1 day ago
By Danny Benton
Joanne Chen
I used to love using 2D office layouts for creating learning activities for different course topics. Learners can explore the virtual office and learn to deal with wha...
1 day ago
By Joanne Chen
Allison LaMotte
Hi everyone, If you use Articulate 360, what's your favorite app/feature/resource? Why? Looking forward to hearing from you :)
1 month ago
By Sarah Hodge
louis adele
Hi, I am new to this community and really looking forward to get and provide value. I am going to start a new course on digital marketing. What kind of LMS will suit m...
1 hour ago
By louis adele
Kirsten Hite
Sharing the little Online Meeting Bingo game I created for my company with Storyline. I made 10 different cards so teams can play together. Published file: ...
1 hour ago
By louis adele
Jenny Ashley
Hi everyone! I'm developing a course about walking your way to fitness. Is it possible to embed a heart rate calculator in Rise? I read several discussions about how t...
2 hours ago
By Lisa Hayes
Efrat Maor
Hi, I'm looking for great games that we can embed in our learning solutiobns. I would love to have something in the level e-learning brothers offer (this bundle...
3 hours ago
By Hamayun Saeed
Vickie Melograno
Hi, all! Newcomer here. I don't consider myself tech-averse, but I've been having the hardest time learning Storyline. See, I learn by understanding the logic behind w...
5 hours ago
By Vickie Melograno
Frederick Ditmars
Hi, I'm looking for an experienced Storyline 360 developer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for hire or on a contract basis. If interested contact me at Frede...
10 hours ago
By Frederick Ditmars
Zaynah Q
Hi, I'm debating between purchasing the following two books to help me as I use Articulate 360. 1. E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline 360: 2nd Editi...
11 hours ago
By Tom Kuhlmann
Rebecca Webster
Hi David. I love you articles. i was just reading "30 Animated Masking and Special Effects Examples in E-Learning #356". Is it possible to include what programs people...
11 hours ago
By Rebecca Webster
Dave LeFevre
I created a Jeopardy game in Storyline that loads the data via an XML file (XML template included). You can create multiple sets of answers and questions pre-built and...
13 hours ago
By Dave LeFevre
Kimberlee Boyd
Is it possible to create/simulate an eBook in Rise or Articulate 360? My best regards, Kimberlee
15 hours ago
By Ivory Howard
Tracy Carroll
Demo: Download: This is a simple, one slide Storyline 360 t...
15 hours ago
By Tracy Carroll
Indrani Sen
Hello, I am trying to create an interactive e-cook-book/flipbook which will have the following features: 6 categories (e.g. beverage, Appetizers, Entrees, Dessert, Mi...
15 hours ago
By Diana Lawrance
Tim Slade
Hey Gang! I'm curious if anyone out there is using the Workday LMS? Here at GoDaddy, we're exploring the possibility of moving to Workday for our LMS vendor and we'd l...
16 hours ago
Bruno Vaillancourt
Hello ! I am a LMS manager who sometime create courses with Storyline for small projects. I would like to know if there are courses about graphic desi...
18 hours ago
By Bruno Vaillancourt
Julie Renner
As part of the learning experience in this course, learners are asked to consider and respond to questions related to the content. To do this in Rise, we include...
19 hours ago
By Julie Renner
Thor Melicher
If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you’re aware of the challenges when translating a Rise 360 course: Rise 360 XLIFF files can be challenging for traditional CAT (...
19 hours ago
By Thor Melicher
Shambhu Nair
I have been surfing through the internet for so long, but have got no genuine answers, so I am putting forth my question to you all. Please help me through this. Is th...
1 day ago
By Shambhu Nair
Gerard McCafferty
My company is an existing user of Articulate but is presently evaluating whether to outsource or partner with a third-party e-learning developer. Are there any re...
1 day ago
By swipe cart
Meryem Aboulkassimi
Hi folks, I am looking for a creative video editor freelancer who can join me to work on editing educational videos that can be embedded later on on storyline 36...
1 day ago
By m j
Grassroots Suicide Prevention
I work for a charity and would like to create a storyline course addressing supporting mental health in the workplace and suicide prevention. Have any of you created s...
1 day ago
By Mahmoud Dweik