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Scott Byers
Is it possible to include several languages in one course or do I have to create a separate course for each language? I can do this in Storyline by creating a separate...
27 minutes ago
By Loredana Marchetti
Chris Petrizzo
Hi. I'm pretty sure the following is not currently possible, but I wanted to ask the question just to make certain... I am using a Storyline block in a Rise course. Th...
3 hours ago
By Andi Baes
Connie Malamed
Is there a way to display a feedback box with text only and no correct and incorrect label? Sometimes, there are shades of gray and not all responses can align to a Co...
3 hours ago
By Kirstin Mitchell
Joe Waddington
Is there a pre-built glossary feature in Rise? If not, have have others built a glossary when needed?
4 hours ago
By Gerry McAteer
Sharon Keung
Hi all, I've created a timeline in Engage 360 and imported it to Storyline 360. Then published the storyline file to Review 360 and added to Rise 360 using a Sto...
5 hours ago
By Sharon Keung
Raymond Yucis
Hi ... I know it is possible to change the numbers in a numbered list block. However, is there a way to do that when you are inserting a numbered list in a text ...
7 hours ago
By Lea Agato
Holly Greene
Hello, Is there an 'exit course" button in Rise? Once in the LMS, it seems there isn't a way for students to exit the program. Thank you! Holly
12 hours ago
By Amanda Hornby
Dina Tsuda
In the past, I have created all of our courses using Articulate Storyline. I am now re-doing some of our lessons and decided to use Rise instead. I want to...
1 day ago
By Dina Tsuda
Michael Anselmo
Is there any way to add your own character to a Rise scenario? I don't think adding them to a background image will work well since the image it blurred a bit on...
1 day ago
By Extension Engine
Tessa Shepperson
Hi, is there any way I can create an index at the top of a Rise page linking to elements lower down the page and then a button at the bottom to take you back up to the...
1 day ago
By Karl Muller
Jennifer Stolz
I am working on a compliance course and want to use Rise 360. There are a few polling type questions that we want to ask learners for and be able to see their response...
2 days ago
By Kelly Cockrell
Karl Grant
Hi, i don't get it : why there is "sections" and "lessons" in the Menu? does it help to link bouton to some sections or lessons ? thanks to help me to understand...
2 days ago
By Karl Grant
Sherri Fricker
In a course we are building, we are required to have a minimum font size of 18 for accessibility purposes. Is there any way to set the default font size (not jus...
2 days ago
By Lea Agato
Cynthia Paré
Hi guys, I'm currently developping a proof of concept in Rise and I'm having trouble finding where to switch the default language. Per example, on screen you can see d...
2 days ago
By Lea Agato
Bethan Rhodes
Hi, I wondered if anyone can help me. I have some delegates complaining that they are logging into a course, completing a number of pages (which are ticked off in the ...
2 days ago
By Renz Sevilla
Adam Schwartz
Many of you told us you needed a way for Rise learners to return to your LMS. So we've added a few features that make that super easy. You can now set buttons in block...
2 days ago
By Kelly Doane
c. l
Can Google Analytics be integrated into Rise?
2 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Mary Clark
Is it possible to insert a photo on the course home page with the course title? Also, is there a way to shift images within the frame of the slide? I'd like to move th...
2 days ago
By Keisha McKenzie
Fraser Gordon
I have a Rise lesson with 4 Storyline software simulations in Storyline blocks. Until today, they have all worked fine, but as people started to review the content, th...
2 days ago
By Fraser Gordon
Drew Everett
Rise has always exported a .zip file when selecting LMS/SCORM 1.2. Today it is giving me an unzipped folder, that when zipped, SuccessFactors won't import. I hav...
3 days ago
By Susan Dodson