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Mike Olivieri
We’ve just released a powerful new feature in Rise 360: closed captioning. Now you can upload closed caption files to videos to make your content more accessible.&nbsp...
5 days ago
By Alyssa Gomez
Mike Olivieri
It’s already easy to build fully responsive courses quickly in Rise 360. And now, we’ve added another time-saving way to create engaging courses for every learner: tem...
4 hours ago
By Akansha Grover
Natalia Gonzalez
We have found that using the same resources in the creation of an eLearning course in Storyline and in Rise, when we publish the file in SCORM it´much bigger in ...
1 hour ago
By Learning Development
Renaldo Lawrence
I have create a site in Rise, however the trial period ran out but I exported the content out. (I now have a different account) I have the html and the zipped rile. Qu...
1 hour ago
By Jonathan Delgado
The buttons in Rise allow you to link to different lessons in your course but there are times when there is a need to connect a text or an image to a particular lesson...
1 hour ago
By Joe Klingaman
Michele Schuck
Hi. How are my Rise quizzes scored in regard to multiple response questions? If all correct answers are not selected, does that count as one wrong question? Or is the ...
2 hours ago
By Michele Schuck
Danny Rego
Hi everyone, My client gets an error when playing embedded videos if their VPN is turned on. Turning off their VPN resolves the issue. This is a problem as the learner...
3 hours ago
By Danny Rego
Cindy Van den Bremt
Hi, I'm creating my first rise course. I was able to create a folder and projects within that folder. Within a project I'm able to create sections. However I don...
4 hours ago
By Beatrice Kemner
Leslie Kepler
Hello all, I exported a Rise course (for hosting on a website) which included a link to a You Tube video. When our web team extracted the files and was going thr...
4 hours ago
By Leslie Kepler
Anna Maria Olivé Compte
Good morning, I have a problem with the latest update to Chrome version 83 and the compatibility of SCORM generated in RISE. We in our courses create some tests ...
4 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Tom Copping
Hi, I've noticed today that if I change a quiz setting, such as the number of retries, then it changes this setting for all my courses? Has anyone else had this proble...
4 hours ago
By Karl Muller
Jen Dove
Does anyone know what the final reporting screen in a Rise course looks like? Can it be edited? How do users know when they have finished a course other th...
5 hours ago
By Victor Crespo
Pam Pappenheim
Hi, I really love using the quotation image but am wondering why there is an opening quotation and no closing quotation. Also, some learners have reported that t...
5 hours ago
By Sian Westcombe
Norhan Nasr
When I publish my Rise 360 course on Review 360 or any LMS, the font is much larger than in Preview mode (in Rise 360). Is there a reason why this happens?
5 hours ago
By Norhan Nasr
Jo Innes
Hello there Articulate I am receiving a lot of feedback from people who are not able to successfully complete some of the courses we made in RISE. So they get to the e...
7 hours ago
By Jo Innes
Calvin Chung
Hi, I have been trying to create a rise 360 content which is with videos but needed the video to autoplay when it loads. The ideal order is as follow: Video Con...
8 hours ago
By Euan Hill
Maretha  Prinsloo
We have a case of a Rise course not loading. We are using moodle LMS and loading the course as Scorm. In our case all other users can access the content, and the users...
9 hours ago
By Helen Tyson
Jeff Kortenbosch
Hey Team, Rise, Peek and Review are online tools. Where does the content sit exactly? I understand some European organisations don't use 360 because content is hosted ...
9 hours ago
By Jeff Kortenbosch
Soren J Birch
When you work with a translation of a Rise project, you are asked to make a copy before you export to a XLIFF file. I have done that, but if I send the course to anoth...
12 hours ago
By Soren J Birch
Zsolt Olah
Short blog on how to auto-start a video/audio when they scroll into view. And then pause them when they scroll out of the view...
14 hours ago
By Calvin Chung
Jessica Skinns
Hi There I'm new to using rise. Is it possible to use the fill in the blank knowledge check question as more of a reflection activity for the learner where there is no...
15 hours ago
By Andrew Smith
William Butler
HELP! I have a fairly simple RISE 360 lesson where I am restricting navigation using the Continue block setting "Must complete all sections above." It works fine for m...
15 hours ago
By Jeff Forrer