Maria Costa-Stienstra
Maria Costa-Stienstra Staff
Customer Happiness Specialist at Articulate
"I am so impressed by this entire project, Samara! The design, the gameplay, the plot, the sounds, and the character creation - wow! Amazing!"
  • 9 months ago04/28/21 at 2:08 am (UTC)
"Great idea, and I really like that you can paint the letters as well!"
  • 9 months ago04/28/21 at 2:01 am (UTC)
"Wow, great idea using the variables here! Awesome job!"
  • 9 months ago04/28/21 at 2:00 am (UTC)
"Vishal, I can definitely see this being used with little kids. Great job!"
  • 9 months ago04/28/21 at 1:59 am (UTC)
"So creative! Fantastic job!"
  • 9 months ago04/28/21 at 1:58 am (UTC)
"As soon as I read this week's challenge's description, I thought of Lite-Brite, those toys where you design a pattern with little pegs in..."
  • 9 months ago04/24/21 at 10:48 pm (UTC)